Sunday, February 27, 2022

The Witcher Season 2: Review & Evaluation (Episode 8)

Today is the day! We are closing out Season 2 of the Witcher as we dive into all the action and build-up that has led to the climax and conclusion here in the final episode of the season. Join us as Voleth Meir uses her new body to her advantage, the elves set out for vengeance, a new monolith is discovered, new monsters show their strength, Cirilla has to make a decision between her past and her future, and the battle of Kaer Morhen and much more is underway. Stay tuned while Chase & Josh tackle the summary recap, discuss their takeaways about the episode and season as a whole, provide their thoughts on where the series goes from here, give insight on the somewhat familiar monsters, and debate some interesting topics. "The one Ithlinne prophesied. He's saying she could save us."

Sunday, February 20, 2022

The Witcher Season 2: Review & Evaluation (Episode 7)


Welcome back and thanks for joining today as we jump into the penultimate episode of The Witcher Season 2 and tackle Episode 7! Things start to heat up as Geralt jail-breaks an old friend, the elves make a decision that ruins Fringilla's plan, the dwarves from the dragon quest return to the fold for the first time since Season 1, there is growing dissention in Aretuza, Yennefer brings Cirilla to the outskirts of Cintra, and the Deathless Mother leaves her home. Stay with us as Chase & Josh recap the episode summary, provide their overall takeaways, discuss things they felt could have been done better, and finish up with some fun debates. "If what she says is true, this child has the potential to end all war. Forever. Unless she falls into the wrong hands. And if that happens, the consequences will be ours to own."

Sunday, February 13, 2022

The Witcher Season 2: Review & Evaluation (Episode 6)

Welcome one and all, today we are picking right back up where we left off and taking an in-depth look at Episode 6 of Season 2 from The Witcher series! Follow along as we watch Geralt fight a Chernobog, Rience pays Kaer Morhen a visit and takes something of great value, we get a special reunion at the Temple of Melitele, Istredd finds crucial answers in an unlikely place, an elf baby is born for the first time in many generations, there's an attack in the Temple, and Yennefer makes a difficult choice. Keep up as Chase & Josh run through a summarized recap of the episode, talk about takeaways and initial thoughts, give insight into the monster that appears, and close out with interesting topics of debate. "And when the humans proved hostile, bringing death and destruction, multiplying and infesting their lands, the elves built a weapon... to destroy them. Paerhabyn means weapon. But this is praethyn which is more like draethyn... It's a mistranslation. The elves didn't build a weapon. They built a warrior."

Sunday, February 6, 2022

The Witcher Season 2: Review & Evaluation (Episode 5)

We are jumping in to the second half of Season 2 of The Witcher today as we analyze Episode 5 and its significance! Join in as we are introduced to a mysterious fire mage, Geralt & Istredd come to shocking conclusions regarding monoliths and the Conjunction, Cirilla makes a choice with her blood, Jaskier narrowly escapes some burning questions, and Triss realizes some uncomfortable revelations on her trip into Ciri's mind. Stick around because Chase & Josh take you through a detailed summary recap of the episode, provide overall takeaways, give thoughts on how important moments may play out in the future, and debate interesting points of discussion. "Child of Elder Blood, child of wrath, the time of contempt is nigh. The world will die amidst frost and be reborn of the new sun. Reborn of Elder Blood, of the seed that has been sown. A seed that will not sprout, but will burst into flame."

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

The Witcher Season 2: Review & Evaluation (Episode 4)

We are excited to have you join us here today as we get to the pivotal halfway point in Season 2 of The Witcher where today we will be analyzing Episode 4! Follow along as Kaer Morhen gets a surprise visitor who has come to assist Cirilla, a plot in Redania is orchestrated by the mysterious mage Dijkstra, we learn the consequences of the fallen monolith, elves are being smuggled safely out of the North, Vesemir makes a shocking discovery, Geralt goes to see a certain historian, and the Sandpiper gets kidnapped. Don't miss out as Chase & Josh outline a detailed summary recap of the episode, discuss the overall takeaways that stuck out, and debate topics that could bear multiple answers or branch off in different ways going forward. "These are new buds." "Exactly. Destiny has given us a gift. The key to making more Witchers."

Sunday, January 23, 2022

The Witcher Season 2: Review & Evaluation (Episode 3)

We are back in the saddle today as the Riddikulus Crew dives into the next installment of the Witcher series where we tackle Season 2, Episode 3! Join us as we follow the progress of Cirilla's training, a meeting of the Brotherhood that ends in a shocking return, the migration of the Elves to Cintra, and the Witcher's laying one of their own to his final rest. Additionally, two mages make a play for prominent seats, Cirilla follows an instinctive pull that puts her and Geralt in danger, and Yennefer makes a choice between what is right and what is easy. Keep up as Chase & Josh cover a detailed summary recap of the episode, provide information on the monster that makes an appearance, give overall takeaways, and debate some heavy thought provoking topics! "I have known many who wanted to be great fighters in my time. Do you know where they are now?" "Where?" "In cemeteries."

Sunday, January 16, 2022

The Witcher Season 2: Review & Evaluation (Episode 2)

Welcome once again everyone, the Riddikulus Crew is here and today we are jumping back into a streaming service series that we touched on for their first season last year and circling back now that their second season is finally out, so get excited for our coverage on The Witcher Season 2! Things will be a bit different this time around as we will be covering each episode, one at a time, as opposed to reviewing multiple episodes at once. The level of detail and significant moments called for an adjustment and we have also added a fun new aspect as well by describing the attributes and traits of the monsters shown each episode to take these reviews to the next level. So follow along with us and our Witcher as we get a resolution to the Battle of Sodden, learn the fate of Yennefer, meet a familiar face in a castle overlooking an unfortunate village, and some intense action! With Geralt now firmly in charge of Cirilla's protection and safety as they have found one another to fulfill their destiny, you don't want to miss out. (As mentioned in the introduction of this episode, we lost an important member of our show, the best dog ever in Nala to Hemangiosarcoma last week and if anyone feels called to help with the medical bills, the GoFundMe link is listed below, God bless you all.)